How Much cash can be Carried in Domestic flight in India


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How Much cash can be Carried in Domestic flight in India – Inquiring about the permissible limit for carrying cash on domestic flights within India. Can anyone share information on the maximum amount of cash allowed to be carried during a domestic flight? I want to ensure compliance with regulations and plan my travel accordingly. Your experiences and insights on cash limits in domestic flights would be highly valuable!

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    ANSWER: Residents in India can carry up to ₹2 lakhs without declaration; above ₹2 lakhs requires customs declaration with proper documentation.



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    Resident Travel Guidelines:



    1. No Strict Legal Limit:
      • Residents of India are allowed to carry cash when traveling domestically without a strict legal limit imposed by the RBI.
    2. Scrutiny for Large Sums:
      • Carrying amounts exceeding INR 25,000 may attract scrutiny from airport authorities, prompting the need for additional checks.
    3. Declaration and Explanation:
      • Individuals carrying substantial amounts may be required to declare and explain the source of the cash, with the threshold for mandatory declaration varying based on the airport and circumstances.
    4. Documented Proof:
      • Residents carrying significant cash are advised to maintain documented proof, such as bank statements or withdrawal slips, to justify the source of funds during security checks.


    Non-Resident Travel Guidelines:



    1. INR 25,000 Limit:
      • Non-residents, including NRIs and foreign nationals, can carry up to INR 25,000 in Indian currency notes during domestic travel.
    2. Declaration for Exceeding Amount:
      • Amounts surpassing the INR 25,000 limit must be declared to Customs authorities at the airport.
    3. Alternative Currency Forms:
      • Any amount beyond the specified limit can be carried in the form of foreign currency or traveler’s cheques, providing flexibility for non-residents.

    Additional Recommendations:

    1. Explore Alternative Methods:
      • Consider using alternative methods such as electronic transfers, traveler’s cheques, or prepaid cards for carrying large sums, ensuring safety and convenience.
    2. Risk Considerations:
      • Individuals are advised to be mindful of the associated risks when carrying significant amounts of cash, including the potential for theft or loss.
    3. Airline-Specific Guidelines:
      • Check with the specific airline for any additional guidelines or restrictions regarding the carriage of cash during domestic flights.





    In conclusion, while there is no strict legal limit for residents, adherence to these guidelines and recommendations ensures a secure and hassle-free travel experience within India. Seeking clarification from airport authorities or relevant government agencies before travel can help mitigate potential issues associated with carrying substantial cash.

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