How to Cancel Order on Meesho After Shipped?


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How to Cancel an Order on Meesho After Shipped?

I am seeking assistance from the community regarding the process of cancelling an order on Meesho after it has been shipped. I believe your collective knowledge will provide valuable insights.

If any members have experience or insights into cancelling orders on Meesho after they have been shipped, I would greatly appreciate guidance on the steps involved, any specific considerations, and the typical timeline for completion.

Your expertise is highly valued, and I am thankful for any assistance or information you can provide to help me navigate through this situation effectively.

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    How to Cancel Order on Meesho After Shipped?

    1. 1. Contact Meesho Customer Care: Reach out to Meesho’s customer care through the helpline at 91 8061799600. Clearly provide your order details and explain your reason for cancellation. Use both phone and email options for better chances of reaching them.

    2. 2. Email Request for Cancellation: Send a detailed email to , E-mail address:

      And, including your order details and a clear request for cancellation. Explain the situation, specifying the product(s) you want to cancel. This written communication can serve as documentation.

    3. 3. Provide Order Details: Clearly state your order number and mention the specific product(s) you wish to cancel. Offering this information upfront streamlines the process for Meesho’s customer care team and increases the likelihood of a successful cancellation.

    4. 4. Be Prepared for Potential Rejection: Understand that cancelling a shipped order is challenging, and success is not guaranteed. Meesho may not be able to halt the delivery, particularly if it’s already in transit. Be open to alternative solutions they might propose, such as accepting the delivery and then initiating a return and refund process.

    5. 5. Explore Return and Refund Options: If cancelling the order proves unsuccessful, explore Meesho’s return and refund options. Even after receiving the order, you can initiate a return within the specified timeframe mentioned in their return policy. Check the Meesho Help Center and Return and Refund Policy for additional details.


    While cancelling a shipped order can be tricky, following these steps, providing clear details, and exploring alternative solutions like returns and refunds through Meesho’s policies will help you navigate the situation effectively. Always check the specific terms and conditions outlined by Meesho for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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