How to Change Airtel Payment Bank Mobile Number?


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How to Change Airtel Payment Bank Mobile Number?

I am reaching out to seek guidance on the process of changing my registered mobile number in Airtel Payments Bank.

As an active participant in this forum, I have always valued the insights and assistance provided by the community. Now, I find myself in need of advice regarding the steps to change my mobile number associated with my Airtel Payments Bank account.

Could someone kindly provide detailed instructions on how I can update my mobile number in Airtel Payments Bank? Specifically, I would like to know if this can be done through the mobile app, website, or if there are other methods available.

Additionally, if there are any specific documents or steps required, I would greatly appreciate the information.

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    it’s not uncommon for individuals to change their mobile numbers due to various reasons. However, if you’re an Airtel Payments Bank account holder, changing your registered mobile number directly can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are some workarounds to help you navigate this situation without losing access to your account.

    1. Open a New Account: If simplicity is your preference, opening a new Airtel Payments Bank account with your new mobile number is an option. While this keeps your existing account details tied to your old number, it allows you to start fresh with the updated contact information.

    2. Link a New Number: Airtel Payments Bank enables users to link up to three additional mobile numbers to their existing accounts. Though this won’t change the registered number, it facilitates receiving updates and notifications on your new number. To link a new number, visit your nearest Airtel Payments Bank branch with a valid ID and the new mobile number. The bank representative will assist in the verification and linking process.

    3. Update KYC with New Address: While not a direct change to your mobile number, updating your KYC details with your new address can be beneficial. This ensures that important documents and communications reach your current location. Visit the nearest Airtel Payments Bank branch with valid ID and address proof for the new location to request the KYC update.

    Navigating changes to your Airtel Payments Bank account may require a bit of effort, but these workarounds offer practical solutions to ensure you stay connected to your finances. Choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences, and keep your banking experience seamless even amidst mobile number changes.

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