How to check CESC Bill payment Status?


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How to check the CESC Bill Payment Status? –

I am reaching out to seek guidance on checking the CESC (Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation) bill payment status. As a forum member, I am interested in efficiently tracking and monitoring the status of my CESC bill payments online.

If any fellow members have experience with this process or can provide insights into the specific steps or platforms through which one can check CESC bill payment status, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Your expertise will contribute significantly to my understanding of online bill management and financial tracking.

Thank you for your time and support.

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    How to check the CESC Bill Payment Status?


    • CESC Website:
      • 1. Visit the official CESC website (
      • 2. Navigate to the “Customer Zone” section.
      • 3. Select the appropriate consumer type (LT or HT).
      • 4. Look for the “Latest Payment Status” option.
      • 5. Log in to your CESC account if required and view the details of your recent bill payments, including the payment status.


    • CESC Mobile App:

      • 1. Download and install the “CESC APPS” app from the App Store or Google Play.
      • 2. Log in with your CESC account credentials.
      • 3. Access your bill payment history and status directly within the mobile app to check the details of your recent payments.


    • Customer Care Helpline:
      • 1. Dial the CESC customer care helpline at 1860 500 1912.
      • 2. Inform the customer care representative about your intention to check your bill payment status.
      • 3. Provide any necessary details to verify your identity.
      • 4. Receive information about your latest payment status over the phone.


    • WhatsApp Service:
      • 1. Save the CESC WhatsApp number 7439001912 to your contacts.
      • 2. Initiate a WhatsApp chat by sending a simple “Hi” message.
      • 3. Use the automated menu to select the option for “Bill Payment” or “Check Payment Status.”
      • 4. Follow the prompts provided through WhatsApp to obtain details about your payment status.


    • Email or Online Support:
      • 1. If available, consider reaching out to CESC via email or their online support portal.
      • 2. Provide relevant details such as your account information and request assistance in checking your bill payment status.
      • 3. Await a response from CESC’s support team regarding the status of your recent payments.


    Remember to utilize the available channels based on your preference and the information you have, ensuring a secure and convenient method to check your CESC bill payment status.

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