How to Get Federal Bank Account Number Through SMS


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How to Get Federal Bank Account Number Through SMS

I am writing to seek guidance on obtaining a Federal Bank account number through SMS.

As a new customer of Federal Bank, I recently opened an account with them. However, due to some administrative delays, I haven’t received my account number yet. I understand that Federal Bank offers the convenience of obtaining account details through SMS, but I’m unsure about the specific process or keywords to use.

Could any members of this forum who are familiar with Federal Bank’s SMS banking services provide me with guidance on how to request my account number through SMS? I would greatly appreciate detailed instructions on the format of the SMS message and any specific keywords or codes required to initiate the request successfully.

Additionally, if there are any alternative methods or channels through which I can expedite the process of obtaining my Federal Bank account number, I would be grateful for any insights or recommendations.

Having access to my account number is essential for initiating transactions and managing my finances effectively. Therefore, any assistance or advice from experienced individuals within this forum would be immensely valuable to me.

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