How to Get SBI Bank Statement Without Net Banking


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How to Get SBI Bank Statement Without Net Banking – I am currently facing a challenge in obtaining my State Bank of India (SBI) bank statement without having access to Net Banking. I would appreciate any guidance or insights from the community on alternative methods or steps that can be taken to acquire a bank statement from SBI without using Net Banking.

Your experiences and suggestions would be immensely helpful in addressing this issue. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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    1. A. Obtain your SBI bank statement without using Net Banking by giving a missed call to +91-9223866666 from your registered mobile number.
    2. B. Send an SMS with the text “MSTMT” to the same number (+91-9223866666) to receive details of your last 5 transactions via SMS.
    3. C. If registered for SBI Quick services, send an SMS with “ESTMT <Account Number> <code>” to 09223588888 to receive your bank statement in PDF format via email.
    4. D. Alternatively, visit your SBI branch in person and request a physical copy of your bank statement.
    5. E.Utilize the YONO SBI App on your mobile phone to access and view your bank statement.
    6. F.Keep in mind that the missed call and SMS methods display details of only your last 5 transactions.
    7. G.For a comprehensive bank statement, use the SBI Quick service method, which allows you to view your entire statement for a specific period. Ensure your mobile number is registered with SBI for these methods.

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