Is Bharat Loan App RBI Approved?


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Bharat Loan App is RBI Approved

I am reaching out to seek information about Bharat Loan App and its approval status with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Your collective insights and expertise in financial matters make this community an invaluable resource.

Can anyone within the community confirm whether Bharat Loan App is approved by the RBI? Understanding the regulatory standing of financial platforms is crucial for making informed decisions, and your experiences and knowledge could provide valuable clarity.

If any members have recent information or experiences related to Bharat Loan App’s approval by the RBI, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you for your time and expertise. The shared knowledge within this forum has proven to be an invaluable resource, and I look forward to your insights on this matter.

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    Is Bharat Loan App RBI Approved?

    Introduction: In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology, mobile applications for loans have gained popularity. One such application, the Bharat Loan app, claims to provide financial solutions. A crucial consideration for potential users is whether the app has received approval and authorization from regulatory bodies, particularly the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


    • Bharat Loan operates under DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED.
    • DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED is an NBFC registered with the RBI in October 2002.
    • The registration number is B_14.02719.

    2. Confirmation on Bharat Loan Website:

    • Bharat Loan’s official website explicitly states its association with DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED.
    • The NBFC registration with the RBI is highlighted, adding transparency.

    3. RBI’s Official Confirmation:

    • The RBI’s official website includes DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED in its list of registered NBFCs.
    • The registration number B_14.02719 matches the information provided by Bharat Loan.

    4. Applicability to Bharat Loan App:

    • While DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED is registered, the Bharat Loan app itself may not be explicitly mentioned in the RBI’s list.
    • Users are advised to verify information independently on the RBI’s official website.

    5. Caution and Due Diligence:

    • Users should exercise caution and carefully read the terms and conditions of the Bharat Loan app.
    • Due diligence is essential when engaging with any financial application.

    6. Unrealistic Promises and Personal Information:

    • Users are cautioned against apps making unrealistic promises or requesting excessive personal information.
    • Wise to seek user reviews and consider alternative financial assistance sources.


     In conclusion, the Bharat Loan app, while not explicitly listed in the RBI records, operates under the umbrella of DEVMUNI LEASING & FINANCE LIMITED, a registered NBFC with the RBI. This adds a layer of credibility, but potential users are strongly encouraged to independently verify information, read terms carefully, and exercise prudence before engaging with any financial app.

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