Is Bizgurukul Real or Fake?


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Is Bizgurukul Real or Fake? –

I am seeking insights from the knowledgeable members of this forum regarding the authenticity of Bizgurukul, an ed-tech platform.

Bizgurukul claims to provide e-learning courses on career development, soft skills, and business growth. As I am considering exploring their offerings, I would greatly appreciate any experiences or information the community can share regarding the legitimacy and quality of Bizgurukul’s services.

Your insights will play a vital role in helping me make informed decisions about my educational and career development journey.

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  1. namanparmar Beginner
    2024-02-01T19:09:04+05:30 01/02/2024 at 7:09 pm

    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.

    1. Bizgurukul Payment Structure: Users claim to receive monthly payments from Bizgurukul, but the earnings are tied to selling courses rather than affiliate marketing.
    2. Earning Mechanism: Users earn commissions by selling courses, resembling a network marketing model. However, unlike affiliate marketing, users must invest in the course to participate.
    3. Course Selling Example: If a user sells a course for 3500 rupees, they earn a commission of 2000 rupees while the company retains 1500 rupees. This suggests a user pays 2000 rupees more for the course, raising questions about the value proposition.
    4. Network Marketing Characteristics: The platform exhibits characteristics similar to network marketing schemes, where user earnings are tied to recruitment and sales within the network.
    5. Low-Quality Courses: Allegations suggest that courses provided by Bizgurukul are of low quality. Users are encouraged to find comparable information for free on the internet, questioning the value of the paid courses.
    6. Internet Availability: Critics argue that users can acquire the same knowledge online for free, challenging the necessity of investing in Bizgurukul’s courses.
    7. Affiliate Marketing Comparison: Unlike affiliate marketing, Bizgurukul requires an upfront investment from users, making it distinct from traditional affiliate programs.
    8. Commission Structure: The commission structure appears to favor the company, raising concerns about the fairness and sustainability of earnings for users.
    9. Network Marketing Risks: The network marketing model carries inherent risks, as success depends on recruitment and sales, potentially leaving some users at a disadvantage.
    10. Caution Advised: Users should exercise caution when considering involvement with Bizgurukul, taking into account the alleged characteristics of the platform and the quality of the courses offered.

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