Is Shopsy And Flipkart the Same?


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Is Shopsy And Flipkart the Same? – I am reaching out to seek clarification on the relationship between Shopsy and Flipkart, and I believe your collective knowledge will provide valuable insights.

If any members have information on whether Shopsy and Flipkart are the same or if there are distinctions between the two, I would greatly appreciate your input. Any insights into their connection, ownership, or operational differences would be valuable for better understanding.

Your expertise is highly valued, and I am thankful for any assistance or information you can provide on this matter.

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    Shopsy and Flipkart are not the same. Shopsy is a new social commerce platform launched by Flipkart, which allows individuals to become online sellers and sell products to their networks through social media platforms. Flipkart, on the other hand, is one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms where customers can buy a wide range of products directly from the website or app. 

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