Is Tranzindia Real or Fake?


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Is Tranzindia Real or Fake? –

I am reaching out to seek your insights and opinions on the authenticity of TranzIndia, a company that claims to sell Ayurvedic healthcare products, personal care products, and branded home appliances.

TranzIndia states that it started with three products and has expanded its offerings to around 50 world-class quality products. The company emphasizes compliance with environmental policies. Before considering any purchases from TranzIndia, I am eager to gather information about its legitimacy.

If any of you have experiences or insights related to TranzIndia and its product quality, I would greatly appreciate your input. Is TranzIndia a real and legitimate company, or does it raise concerns about potential fraudulent activities?

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    As per Glassdoor – It Is a 100% fraud company and MLM Category Company

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