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Small Finance Bank Recommended By Which Committee –

My name is Rajesh, and I am an active member of the PriceMint forum. I have consistently found this community to be a valuable source of information, and I am reaching out today to seek insights from the knowledgeable members regarding Small Finance Banks in India.

I am particularly interested in understanding the origins of Small Finance Banks and would like to know which committee or regulatory body recommended their establishment in India. Specifically, I am curious to know:

  1. Which committee or regulatory body proposed the concept of Small Finance Banks in India?
  2. What were the primary objectives and considerations behind this recommendation?
  3. How has the introduction of Small Finance Banks impacted the Indian financial landscape?

I believe that the collective knowledge within the PriceMint Finance Community can shed light on these questions and provide a comprehensive understanding of the historical context and rationale behind the creation of Small Finance Banks.

I am eager to learn from your experiences and insights on this matter. Any relevant information, references, or personal experiences you can share would be immensely valuable to me and other members who may have similar inquiries.

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