Which Tax Regime is Better for 15 lakhs


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Which Tax Regime is Better for 15 lakhs

I am writing to seek your valuable insights and opinions on the best tax regime for an annual income of 15 lakhs in India.

As taxpayers, many of us are constantly evaluating the most beneficial tax regime to optimize our tax liabilities. With the introduction of the new tax regime offering lower tax rates but without deductions and exemptions, there’s often confusion about which regime is more advantageous.

If any of you have expertise in tax matters or have analyzed the implications of both tax regimes for an income of 15 lakhs, I would greatly appreciate your input. Factors such as tax rates, deductions, exemptions, and overall tax-saving opportunities are crucial considerations for me.

Your insights and recommendations will not only help me make an informed decision but also benefit other forum members who may be navigating similar tax-related dilemmas.

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